Our Charter

DAANI is a not-for-profit vertical

DAANI's mission is to provide unconditional support in times of need without any hassle. Our success lies in the smiles of millions whose lives are transforming through us, and this opportunity is open to everyone who thinks crazy like us.

DAANI makes no profit and charges no fees. We are operational under Humanity Welfare Council (Not-for-Profit Organisation). We deliver monthly reports to keep you all updated on the expenditure of the funds and the impact created by us. We are an open platform where nothing is hidden as we believe in selfless service, and it's free for everyone. We are also working on making this system fully automated, reducing any possible human error.


DAANI Believes in Helping Everyone

We have created customized and automated tools to help you focus and leave everything to us. Your thought of helping others is enough to connect you with us, and we want you to utilize your resources and energy to achieve your goal.

We believe that discussions among creative brains can achieve unimaginable solutions for the issues the world is facing as a whole.

Our Community

Our Operations Reflect Our Values

DAANi will never sell your data to any third party. We keep your information safe, and only you have the right to share it with anyone. We are committed to this practice even while dealing with government entities.

Our terms of use and privacy policies are clear, fair and transparent. We will raise support or lobby for any activity unless they align with our mission and values, regardless of any value addition any such activity makes for DAANI.

DAANI will support and promote every activity that helps us make this world a better place and will always be committed to the betterment and growth of this planet and its inhabitants. The same will be practised while choosing our partners, vendors and any association which directly or indirectly affects the operations of DAANI.

Our Team

DAANI Believes In Equality

DAANI will provide equal opportunities to everyone, irrespective of any factor. Our team and leadership demographics will be available openly to all, and we will maintain a diverse, inclusive and equitable environment in our organization.

Our Team