DAANI is an AI-powered donor-backed funding platform. We provide unconditional support without any hassle. Our success lies in the smiles of millions whose lives are transforming through us, and this opportunity is open to everyone who thinks crazy like us. DAANI makes no profit and charges no fees. We are operational under Humanity Welfare Council (Not-for-Profit Organisation). We deliver monthly reports to keep you all updated on the expenditure of the funds and the impact created by us. We are an open platform where nothing is hidden as we believe in selfless service, and it's free for everyone. We are also working on fully automating this system, reducing any possible human error.

DAANI is very much different from standard crowdfunding platforms. We understand that anyone can hardly have a second thought during an emergency as we can have no substitute for human life. At times, we get affected by instances happening in front of us, and we want to do something, but due to lack of time or skills, we can hardly create any difference.

With us, we take care of all the requirements, and you have to make some clicks and be ready to create a difference. We monitor and regularise all the activities for the optimum use of the resources and keep you updated at every step.

No, DAANI doesn't charge anything. We are a not-for-profit system. DAANI is an AI that aims to achieve zero human intervention, and we are proceeding towards it. DAANI seeks to make this world a happy place for all of us.

DAANI is the name of the AI managing this platform. It is evolving with time and aims to achieve 100% independence from human intervention by 2030.

DAANI is programmed per international privacy laws, and your data is safe and secure with us. DAANI gives you the power to decide what you want to share and how much you want to share.

With us, you can enjoy complete privacy and transact securely. Even you are not spammed from our end. We only share two reports (the 1st and 15th of every month) which cover all the current and past month's activities.

We will not spam you, and neither will we call you. We only share two reports (the 1st and 15th of every month) which cover all the current and past month's activities.

DAANI members receive many benefits, which will be notified on your dashboard. You can only receive notifications on your phone for the appointments you may have booked on your dashboard.

DAANI is currently fluent in English. She is now learning new languages. Once she gains some expertise, she will update you.

All the projects displayed on DAANI, either In-Process or Funded, are verified by DAANI and have a DAANI-verified guarantee which means that your hard-earned funds pledged will be utilized for the very same specific purpose, and we will monitor and update you on the same at every single step.

We are under the umbrella of the Humanity Welfare Council (Not-for-profit) organization. We do not generate profits. We generate funds for a specific purpose and work to fulfil our commitments. We are backed by a team of dedicated members who selflessly work to fulfil our obligations.

Whenever you go through a cause, and you want to contribute towards the cause, then follow the following steps -

  1. Select the amount displayed; if you have a different figure in mind, fill it in in the "Enter your Amount" option.
  2. After entering the amount, please fill in your details and click on the "DONATE" button.
  3. If you don't want your name to be displayed on the campaign in the donor list, then before clicking the "DONATE" button, you can select "Donate Anonymous."
  4. Once you click the "DONATE" button, you will be redirected to the payment gateway, where you will get multiple options for the payment mode.
  5. Once the transaction is successful, you will get a thanks mail with the "tax-Exemption" receipt from our side, and you will also receive an email granting you access to your dedicated dashboard.

Dashboards are provided to all the members who work for DAANI or are members of DAANI. We value your contribution, and your dashboards help you unlock various features provided through DAANI. The more your contribution increases, the higher your membership you gain, and it opens more features for you. You can have a complete track of all the ongoing activities, and your dashboard gives you the power of change in your hands.

DAANI is open to all; any member can request funds during an emergency. Life is very unpredictable; anything can happen to anyone at any time. We stand with our members at all costs.

No, we don't have reward systems, but DAANI provides many services to its members depending upon your membership category. All the services provided to our members are free of cost and best in class.

Once you become a member of DAANI, you will be assigned a relationship manager with whom you can connect. Your dedicated relationship manager details will be available on your dashboard.

Our members make the DAANI family. We can never let that happen. We value your association and will make sure that never happens. But, still, if you want to leave, we will not stop you.

You are our family, and DAANI gives you the freedom to speak, and you can quickly raise a concern through your dashboard. We have a grievance redressal department that will act on your complaint and take strict action.

DAANI never calls you directly. We will connect with you through your dashboard, and if you allow, we will contact you through the official helpline number of DAANI.

We will insist on not doing that, as you should be aware of all the activities going on through DAANI. Such mail keeps you updated and insists on participating more in such activities, which is very healthy for your mental and social development. We help you grow your network through our events. But still, if you don't want us to send you emails, you can unsubscribe from your dashboard.