We give you the power to create a difference without hassle. Want to support the needy? Connect with DAANI. Want to raise support? Connect with DAANI. DAANI - Funds For All, Funds By All.

DAANI offers various features to help you create a difference without pain. Your Idea is valuable, and the world is waiting for you. Let's begin your journey with DAANI.

What's New?

Funding made simple

Anyone can approach DAANI for funds. If your application is approved, you get funds.

Customized Dashboard

We give you a customized dashboard as per your requirements. You decide how much you want.

Application Process

We accept applications from our official partners, raising support for specific causes.

Funds Disbursal

We will disburse funds soon as we have a request approved by our verification team. We help you win.

Member Volunteer

We provide you with the best-customized platform. Create your team and achieve big goals.

Device Optimization

We are creating a wonderful experience for every user by optimizing as per different device needs.

Fund Management Tools

Support Campaign Creation

You have the power to choose any cause we support. Create your team and Raise funds in 1 simple step.

Content Creation Made Easy

You select the cause, and we create the entire content from title to summary.

Campaign Creation Made Easy

We create campaigns, and you can choose any cause without any hassle.

Customization Made Easy

You don't require any specific skills to make a difference. Your time is valuable, and DAANI provides you with all solutions.

Social Media Power

To create a difference, you need to be active on social media. Share your campaign on your social media platforms and start running.

Visual Content

We create camapigns with the best customization. All you need is to share it on your social media handles and start your race.

Tools for Our Members

  1. 01


    You have something important to say. Say it openly. We value your feedback, and discussions are healthy. We have a discussion section where you can discuss with your donors and team members.

  2. 02

    Funds Disbursal

    We disburse legitimate funds as per the requirement and through a proper channel. The entire process will take only 24 hrs, but we ensure that your work continues. We are accountable, and every penny counts.

  3. 03

    Customized URL

    We give you the best suggestion so that your campaign is listed at a readable, informative web address!, but you are still free to name your URL. Our URLs are easy to remember and share.

  4. 04

    Donor Details

    Whenever you support a campaign, your name and contributed amount is visible on the campaign. We do not share any details of yours with any third party. We take privacy seriously, and we value it.

  5. 05

    Fund Expenditure

    We provide you with the details of the funds spent and monitor the funds' movement. We keep you updated at every step. Also, DAANI holds accountability for the fund's utilization.

  6. 06

    Sustainable Development Goals

    Causes funded through DAANI are aligned with UN SDGs and have a global footprint. DAANI aims to make this world a happy place.

  1. 07

    Content Optimization

    DAANI updates you with hand-picked, tailor-made hashtags/keywords. You can be the next social media sensation.

  2. 08

    Time Limit

    We are responsible for achieving the required goal in a limited time. Time is valuable, and we have to run fast.

  3. 09

    Goal Amount

    Any goal amount displayed on any campaign is an outcome of verified and calculated data. Any changes in the goal amount will be supported with proper expenditure updates.


Power In Your Hands

We give you the power to decide whom to support and when to help. You can control your funds and channel them to the most specific causes. You have all the information on your dedicated dashboards and get live updates from time to time. Your data is safe with us. We aim to create a happy world for all of us.

Multiple Payment Options

Paytm, Indusind Bank, UPI, or Razorpay. We have partnered with global payment gateways to help you make smooth and secure transactions. We do not secure your data and strictly follow government guidelines.

Recurring Payment Option

To create a more significant impact, You can pledge with our monthly giving or annual giving program. There are causes which require dedicated funding for greater impact. You are also free to terminate it anytime.

Remain Anonymous

Sometimes you don't want the world to know your good deeds. Don't worry. You can remain anonymous, and no one knows who the angel is.

Tax benefits

All the contributions made to DAANI are tax exempted under Section 80G of the IT Act (ITBA/EXM/S/80G/2019-20/1025882017(1))


We provide you with many additional services based on your commitment to us. Who doesn't love surprises? You are our family, and our family is our most valuable asset.

Success, A Reason To Smile